What Clients Want

Clients are Interested in Speed

Our mission is to have qualified candidates for you to interview within the first 15 working days from the time we get the assignment details from you.

Our goal is to manage the details of the process for you so there is minimal effort on your part. This way, you can focus on interviewing candidates, making an offer, and having an acceptance within 45 working days.

Clients Want Accuracy

Over the last 5 years, 80% of candidates placed are still with the company where we placed them.

We will present candidates who have at least 90% of your required skills.

Candidates we present to you will be within your salary range.

Candidates will be motivated by more than just money.

Fresh Talent

Our database contains over 6,000 Engineers, over 3,000 IT professionals, over 4,000 manufacturing professionals, over 4,000 Project Managers. We are adding new contacts every day from research, recruiting, local and long distance marketing and advertising.